Personal Coaching

A multi-week or multi-month program designed by your needs or desires for success or change. Guided by your coach Lauren, you develop your own destination, design your ideas, negotiate your own successes, and feel supported along the journey. In this world of apps and self-help books, the connection of person-to-person is the strongest, most long-lasting triumph available.
Choose telephone or webcamera interactions.

Business coaching

For executives, small business owners, new business owners, or project-starters:
Are you laboring under frustration, stress, or internal challenges? Improve your profits by creating new solutions, refine communication, develop external or internal marketing programs, all through coaching: the short-term ‘partner’ to help you create long-lasting results.

Choose telephone, webcamera, or in-person interactions.

Performance Coaching

For HR departments, employees, employers, small business owners, large companies:
Are you or your employees experiencing challenges on the job, troubles connecting with others, or improvements? Improve your productivity and outward communication by individual performance coaching: reviewing and identifying the challenges and working through solutions.

Choose telephone, webcamera, or in-person interactions.

Group coaching Or facilitation

Coaching group interactivity on a number of subjects and topics, including uplifting your company- or group-culture to the next level, including employee engagement, roundtable discussions, and teams. Your group isn’t lectured; your group is coached to its new evolution.
Most often as in-person meetings.


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