If things are stuck, you can change it: "Life is a series of course-corrections."

How do you know if your life or your business are stuck? Something doesn't feel right. If it's not working, seek a course-change. But change it yourself - with help and support.


Physical Mind* assists individuals, businesses, and communities to identify problems, realize values, and set goals for improvements:

  • Personal Evolution
  • Business Improvements
  • Performance Coaching and Facilitation
  • Project Coaching and Facilitation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Roundtable Facilitation
  • Seminars

The force behind Physical Mind is experienced coach and facilitator Lauren Muney. Lauren's way of working with clients is to listen carefully to the values, goals, and obstacles. Together, the client and the coach create plans, and tweak the plans as the client (or project) evolves.

The name "Physical Mind" connects body and mind together: create what you imagine.

What Clients have achieved

  • Started businesses
  • Embarked on new projects
  • created new workflow
  • Created a company-wide employee-engagement program
  • Increased inter- and intra-departmental communications
  • Trained employees to coach and mentor other employees
  • Elevated a local business to an international in-demand institute
  • Learned how to self-solve problems
  • Developed calm, constructive ways to think in new directions
  • Recalibrated not to accept negative thinking
  • Created new levels of fitness and health

Physical Mind Coaching is NOT affiliated with the PhysicalMind Institute of Pilates, available at its own website.