Lauren Muney

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Lauren’s specialty is coaching and facilitating “human performance” for personal, professional, and business endeavors:

  • project commencement and development
  • facilitation for groups / employee engagement
  • roundtable communications and problem-solving
  • performance coaching on the job
  • small-business executive coaching
  • creative problem-solving techniques
  • coaching marketing and public presentations
  • fitness, health, and energy coaching
  • stress and/or time management and techniques
  • improvements in communications – family, business, community


After earning a degree in design, Lauren Muney excelled in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, as a professional performer, craftsman, and producer, developing interactivity, public speaking, and creative problem-solving.

In 2002 Lauren’s career scope enlarged to assist others enhancing lives through assessment, awareness, and individualized problem-solving for personal and corporate settings, including health and fitness, seminars, program development, Powerpoint development, presentation development, facilitation, and other projects. She attended specialized coaching training and gained certification, including the Cooper Institute, Wellcoaches, Coachville , before coaching individual clients and conducting coach certifications.

She also works with museums, historical facilities, and historical interpreters. The flag shown above is from the USS Constitution Museum, based in Boston, MA.

Notable projects:

  • Contract facilitator for Regional Manufacturing Institute’s Energy Efficiency program, developing employee engagement programs through the Baltimore region
  • Coached principal and spearheaded marketing for Essential Somatics international health workshops, seminars, and professional training program
  • Participated in Harvard Medical School’s first medical coaching conference
  • Lifestyle Consultant to Goodrich Corporation (through Take Care Health): producing Powerpoint lectures, writing scripts for DVD videos, and featured on the videos.
  • Created peer-employee health-mentoring program for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Consultation and collaboration with public health administrator, Dr. Richard Lewis, formerly of The Cleveland Clinic
  • Adjudicator with Wellcoaches (international health coaching institute): assessing and grading coach-trainees for certification