Life is a series of course corrections Life is a series of course corrections

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Lauren Muney, CPFT, CHC, cWC

(certified physical fitness trainer, certified health coach, certified Wellcoach)
Fitness and Wellness Coach , Project coach, Marketing coach, Corporate Consultant.

"Why I coach"

(photo by Kristine Bulls, for "Woman To Woman" Magazine)




Lauren's specialty is lifestyle improvement and increasing "human performance" for personal, professional, and business endeavors.


From producer - to helping others produce

After earning a degree in design, Lauren Muney excelled in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years, as a professional performer, craftsman, and producer, developing interactivity, public speaking, and creative problem-solving.

In 2002 Lauren's career scope enlarged to assist others enhancing lives through assessment, awareness, and individualized problem-solving. Her experience with producing gave her the detail-orientation needed for coaching. She unrelentedly pursued education, research, interactive discussions, workshops, classes, and lectures to learn about human behavior in personal and corporate settings. Lauren was one of the first certified wellness coaches in the United States.

To the present day, this behavioral scope has included behavioral, anthropological, and physiological aspects of human performance on an everyday scale. She uses these experiences to help individuals and businesses communicate with others and themselves: she coaches in health, fitness, success-strategies, business projects, presentation skills, and marketing.

Lauren's experience as a special events producer has given her an uncanny ability to see the end result and then move backwards in time in her mind to envision the entire process. She then invites the client to make choices and go down new paths towards his/her vision. The client shines.


Guiding the client to produce his/her own success

Why such a large platform: fitness, health, business, plus other coaching? Because coaching is coaching, no matter what the subject: the methods are the same. The client himself/herself owns the power for his/her own transformation.

How deep is her scope of coaching abilities? Lauren is an adjudicator of coach-trainees gaining their certification in coaching, so she knows coaching from the inside to the outside. For years, she has focused on the elements of coaching which work - and which do not work. Although each client is different, each can find results he or she never dreamed possible without such accountability, assistance, and client-centered provocation. Asking the hard questions in a kind way is how to help clients overcome previous bounds.

By seeking our deepest values, we can make distinctions between what we need to improve and what we need to discard. As Lauren says, "Life is a series of course-corrections": this is very true. No one has to suffer with current circumstances when he/she can create longlasting improvements - sometimes in a whole new direction.


Corporate and small business coaching

Lauren Muney's work consulting to corporate and business personnel in "awareness" principles has assisted many to discover how to solve their own personal and corporate issues. The principles of assessment and awareness are applicable across the board in any obstacle. Corporate personnel will find these methods will improve business both internally and in profit-return.

She has assisted corporations with seminars, program development, project development, Powerpoint development, presentation development, facilitation, and other projects. (see below).

In the recent years she has assisted small companies for thir own innovative projects. Project coaching is to help the client create a project vision, and then create benchmarks towards that vision, overcoming obstacles, possibly adding new skills in the process. The client achieves what had previously felt out of reach, even if the coach isn't a local area. Coaching can be done over the telephone or even the Internet.

(At left: one of Lauren's coaching clients experiments with the surprisingly intimate qualities of webcam coaching. The big image is the client [as seen on Lauren's screen]. The client sees a big image of Lauren, as if she's in the same room during their sessions.)


Notable projects, past and ongoing


Education, certifications, programs


Lauren's writing have been greatly embraced by many communities wishing health, wellness, solutions. This website's articles section provides insight into the varied processes of behavior modification, reduction of perfectionistic tendencies, and clear direction for personal progress:

She continues to advise private clients internationally in-person and via telephone and Internet, as well as consultations to businesses.


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